My Review: Emily's Chance -- Sharon Gillenwater

(The Callahans of Texas, #2)
by Sharon Gillenwater

Christian Fiction / Western Romance

Revell Publishing
ISBN:  9780800733544

Back Cover:

Emily Rose may be in the tiny West Texas town of Callahan Crossing for the moment, but it's just a rung on her ladder to success. Her work at the Callahan Crossing historical society will look good on her ever-growing resume as she attempts to break into the prestigious world of a big city museum curator. 

Little does she know cowboy and contractor Chance Callahan has decided that he can convince her to stay -- both with the town and with him. As he helps Emily restore the town's history after a devastating fire, he also helps her uncover her own hidden worth and the value of love.

What I thought:

Another keeper from Sharon Gillenwater!!

After first meeting the Callahans of Texas in Jenna's Cowboy, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Emily's Chance.  Now, I'm impatiently waiting to see what takes place in Megan's Hero (due out 6/1/2011) -- it sounds like another touching story.

We very briefly met Emily Rose at the end of Jenna and Nate's story, when Chance helped her haul boxes out of the Callahan Crossing Historical Museum during the wildfire that destroyed so many homes and businesses.  Emily's Chance picks up shortly after.  The people of Callahan Crossing are still trying to clean up their town, and rebuild their lives after such devastating losses.

Chance realizes right off the bat that he's fallen head-over-heels for Emily Rose, and feels that she is God's choice for his wife -- now he just needs to be sure Emily feels the same way.  He discovers that it won't be as easy as he thought, once he begins to realize she has quite a few issues from her childhood that seriously cloud her vision of her worthiness to any man.

I'm not a huge history fan, so there were a few slower parts (for me personally), but the overall story is heartwarming.  I especially like how Chance is so patient with Emily, as she tries to come to terms with her insecurities, and his willingness to sacrifice things in his own life just to help her achieve her personal dreams.

It was such a pleasure to catch-up with the Callahan family again.  I really enjoyed getting a peek at how Jenna and Nate's marriage is progressing, as well as, seeing Zach again.  He's just the sweetest little boy ever!  I also loved watching Dalton and Lindsey's tentative relationship start to grow -- they're gonna make such a cute couple.  :)

Be sure to check out Sharon's website to find out more about her books -- you'll be so glad you did!

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Angie said...

I think I have the first book in this series. I'll have to check my HUGE TBR pile and see. thanks for another great review. :)