Interview (+ GIVEAWAY) with author of A Hope Undaunted -- Julie Lessman!!!

Are you a huge "Julie" fan?  Do you enjoy passionate romances?  Have you been desperately trying to get your hands on Julie's newest release, or maybe one of her Daughters of Boston titles?

Well, if you enthusiastically answered "YES!!" to any of these questions -- you're in the right place, at exactly the right time!

Julie has dropped by for an interview, and will be giving away a signed copy of one of her books to one lucky commenter at the end of the interview.

GOOD LUCK everyone!!

(I'm sorry some of the formatting is wacky.  I can't seem to fix it.)


Welcome, Julie -- I am honored *and excited!* to have you visit us today!  I feel it's only fair to warn y'all up front, that Julie and I both love to talk, so this could get a little long!  ;)  Let's get right to it..........

me:   Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, I’m a baby boomer married to a man who makes me feel like I’m living my own personal romance novel. I have a 27-year-old son married to a wonderful girl who is a doctor (and for whom I have prayed for since my son was a baby!) and a 22-year-old daughter in law school who hates to read. And, yes, it’s true – I paid her $20 just to read the first chapter of A Passion Most Pure. I’m happy to say it hooked her, and the rest of the book and the other three didn’t cost me a dime! :) My husband of 32 years is an artist/designer, and we are together 24/7 and actually love it—working back-to-back in a tiny, little office when I’m not outside on the deck with my laptop and hazelnut coffee.

me:  That's funny!  At least you didn't have to pay your daughter but the one time.  If it were me, I would be giving you your money back -- I was hooked on the first page!  :D

me:  How do you choose your characters names/book titles?

As far as character names, mostly I go with what feels right. For instance, in the original manuscript I wrote at the age of 12, the heroine’s name was Faith O’Connor, just like in A Passion Most Pure (which is based on that early manuscript). Of course, I wasn’t a girl of “faith” back then, so I’m not sure why I named her that, but I did. Ironically, it suits her perfectly in A Passion Most Pure because she is the consummate woman of “faith.”

The names of her parents Marcy and Patrick were also from that early manuscript, but I ditched the original names for Faith’s rival sister, Charity, and the bad-boy hero, Collin, because their names were, well, pretty awful! Are you ready?? Charity was Del, short for “Delatha,” and Collin was “Bart.” Don’t even ask me what I was thinking at the age of 12 except that I do remember liking the TV show Maverick, which featured a handsome character named Bart Maverick. When I came to my senses, I chose Charity’s name because Faith had a twin named “Hope” who died at the age of 9, and I was going for “Faith, Hope and Charity.” And Collin’s name, pure and simple, came from a listing of Irish male names.

As far as book titles, my original name for the “The Daughters of Boston” series was “The Wind of God” series because I wanted each of my titles to be a “wind” Scripture. A Passion Most Pure was originally A Chasing After the Wind from Ecclesiastes 2:26, A Passion Redeemed was Chaff before the Wind from Psalm 83:13-16, and A Passion Denied was On the Wings of the Wind, Psalm 104:1-4.

After Revell said the original titles above had to go, I came up with the title of A Passion Most Pure for book 1 along with about 80 others (yes, I am a bit anal), but I admit that I did not like it at first. My daughter remarked, “Mom, will anybody really buy a romance novel with the word ‘pure’ in the title?” Unfortunately, I wondered the same thing, but as usual, Revell knew what they were doing, and I now feel the title fits perfectly—reflecting not only romantic passion that strives to remain pure, but passion for God, which really is “A Passion Most Pure.”

I was, however, sad to let go of my original title of A Chasing After the Wind from Ecclesiastes, which is pretty much the theme that is woven throughout that book, so Revell let me keep that Scripture on the opening page, as they did for the next two books as well.

You see, for me, “wind” is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, which fits because Faith is "chasing after the wind," that is, the Holy Spirit or God's leading in her life. Collin, too, is "chasing after the wind," but in his case, it is the wind of futility, chasing after his will (sin) rather than God's, which according to Solomon, is "meaningless" and nothing more than “a chasing after the wind.” I do, however, have a less spiritual reason (and maybe a bit silly one) for having originally chosen that title. Because of my obsession with Gone With the Wind—I always wanted to write a book with the word “wind” in the title. And I got my wish, sort of. Revell chose the name “Winds of Change” for my second 3-book series and I LOVE it!!

me:  Seriously?!?!?!  Del and Bart?  *giggling*  I just don't think Collin would have being the "bad-boy hero" that he is with a name like "Bart"!  And, Del just doesn't fit Charity at all.  I'm so glad you decided to change their names.  ;)

me:  Do you have a favorite sport?

Actually, no. My husband and I were into biking until about three years ago before I was published, always heading out to the Katy Trail or other bike trail in the St. Louis area. But we’ve both been so busy lately, me with my books and my husband with his design business, that the closest we get to sports today is him with his HD-TV and me with the athletic ventures of my heroes in my books.

me:  When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?

Gosh, a LONG time ago, at the tender age of twelve after reading Gone With the Wind, a novel that swept me away into the world of romance for the very first time. It captured me like no other book had done, and I immediately set out to write (along with thousands of other love-struck young girls, I’m sure), what I hoped would be “the great American novel.” Obviously my dreams of grandeur didn’t go anywhere, but I did write 150 pages of a story that became the basis for my debut novel, A Passion Most Pure.

Fast forward almost forty years later—I was sitting in a beauty parlor reading a Newsweek magazine July 16, 2001 cover article about Christian entertainment. It said Christian books, movies and music were on the threshold of exploding. My heart jumped, and something in my spirit said, “It’s time to finish your book.” Now, I have to be honest—up until that moment, I had never seriously considered writing a book. But the pull was so strong, that I started writing A Passion Most Pure one month later.  And now writing is my full-time career ever since I gave up my part-time job as a travel writer to pursue writing novels full time. But trust me … it didn’t come with a pay raise … :)

me:  I think I speak for all your fans when I say I'm so glad you decided to follow that "pull"!  Everyone who has the pleasure of reading your books can't help but have God touch them in some way, even if they don't realize it at the time.

me:  How did you come to know the Lord?

Well, it’s not a pretty story, except for the ending, of course!! :) I was a 23-year-old hard-nosed agnostic from a devout but dysfunctional Catholic family of 13 kids. I was so angry at God that I actually used to say I wanted to burn Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms. As a wild child of the 60s and 70s, I tried everything to be happy—from astrology and tarot cards … to transcendental meditation and witchcraft—you name it. My vocabulary would have made a sailor blush. Suffice it to say that I was pretty angry at God. According to the world’s standards, I had everything going for me—a hunky boyfriend with a Corvette and a boat, a great job, my own apartment (at a time when other friends still lived at home), and I was acing an advanced writing course at Washington U., a prestigious college in St. Louis. But I wasn’t happy. I felt a lot like Peggy Lee singing, “Is that all there is?”

Then one day, this annoying gal at work approached me. She had a lesser job than me, was divorced with a kid and no boyfriend in sight. I hated her because she came in humming every day, happy as a lark while I was utterly miserable. And then it happened—one life-altering moment when she and I were alone—I looked up from my typewriter and said, “Just what in the heck (except my language was a bit saltier back then) makes you so happy all the time?” She said, “I’ve been praying you would ask.”

Oh, no, a Jesus freak, I thought to myself, but I found myself going to lunch with her, badgering her with questions and accusations. I don’t remember now if it was weeks or months, but either way, I met Jesus Christ through the remarkable patience of a God-sent angel by the name of Joy—pretty appropriate name, eh?

Since then, my life has been a journey of “joy,” because EVERYTHING with Jesus Christ at the center is pure joy—especially romance! So you might say that my books are my love letters to a God whose love took me from the dark into His glorious light, and I hope and pray it brings Him the glory He so richly deserves.

me:  That's a wonderful testimony, Julie!  Thank you for sharing.

me:  What are you currently reading -- when you're not working?

Oh, it’s been a realllly good month for reading, let me tell you! Believe it or not, I manage to get about 4-5 books read in a month just by reading in the car while my husband is driving, on powder-room breaks, briefly before bedtime and while waiting in checkout lines and at doctor’s appointments.

First off, there was Mary Connealy’s Doctor in Petticoats (love Mary’s humor!), then MaryLu Tyndall’s Surrender the Heart (love MaryLu’s romantic edge and tense adventure!), Myra Johnson’s Where the Dogwood Blooms (probing spiritual message and romance that is wonderfully sigh-worthy), Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz (Laura always packs an emotional punch with a story and characters as alive and real as my own family), and finally, my current read (and I’m almost done!) is Melanie Dickerson’s The Healer’s Apprentice, which is simply a delightful medieval YA that is pure magic. Yep, all in all, a very good month!

me:  YAY!  You've finally had a chance to read -- I'm so happy for you!  I've read a couple of those, so I know you've been enjoying yourself.

me:  Name one food that you just cannot stand?!?!

That would be, of course, the same food nobody else can stand eitherliver. But two things that a lot of people love but I can’t abide are … dumplings and Heath candy bars … two of my hubby’s favorites. Uh, except not together!

me:  I'm with you on the liver and dumplings, but I gotta go with your hubby on the Heath bars -- yum!

me:  What is  your fave vacation spot, or dream vacation?

Mmmm … a beach bungalow on an unspoiled tropical island with my husband and lots of my favorite things—good friends, great books and old movies.

me:  Sounds great!

me:  Do you have a favorite sitcom/TV series that you just hate to miss?

Funny you should ask! My husband and I just finished ten seasons of JAG with David James Elliott (sigh), and at first, I wasn’t sure our marriage would survive after the last episode! ;)

You see, I watch almost NO television anymore due to lack of time, but my husband got in to the habit of watching reruns of the old TV show JAG on his HD-TV (he LOVES that thing!). So I thought the first season on DVD would be a great Christmas gift and I bought it, realizing he probably wouldn’t watch it but still figured it was a great “surprise” gift.

Well … he didn’t watch it … that is, until I agreed to watch it with him on my laptop, the two of us tucked all warm and snug in bed (it was a cold January as I recall!). Well, that did it. We enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of watching that truly terrific show SO much, that we bought the next season and then the next … until we were in hock on DVDs to the tune of $250 or so, but I have to admit, it was SO worth it!! We finished the last episode of the tenth season about a month ago, and we are still going through withdrawal and actually contemplating watching them over again … Yeah, yeah, I know—we need to get a life! :)

me:  Hubby and I used to watch JAG, too.  I was quite upset when it ended.  David James Elliott would make a great Collin!  *BIG sigh*

me:  Please share 5 random things we don't know about you.  :)

1.) I’m a Duck Tape Queen! I’ve used it for every and anything—from wadding around a rod to lift sheers up an inch off the floor (my husband HATED that one!) to taping it over itchy labels in a blouse or mending a tear in my purse. You see, I’m dirt-practical like my father used to be. Although he was an eye surgeon, that man would throw a wad of string over the telephone wire outside his bedroom window so he could tell which way the wind was blowing. :)

2.) I’m a freak about ambiance. I have to have candles lit when I watch TV or eat dinner or visit with friends, and the lighting has to be turned down real low. Which drives my husband crazy because he likes to actually see his food, so we do compromise.

3.) I’m not a girly-girl, meaning I’m not big on diamonds and flowers and shopping, contrary to my daughter! In fact, about 15 years ago, the diamond in my engagement ring fell out of its setting while I was cleaning, and I never did find it. Told my husband I didn’t want another one because a diamond on your hand just gets caught on fabric and things like that. But oh, boy, cheap costume jewelry, especially dangle earrings?? To die for!! :)

4.) I dressed up like a Southern bell with hoop skirts and upsweep hairdo for my very first job at age 16. I was a concession girl at a new theatre that featured Gone With the Wind as their first moviehow cool is that!!

     5.) I have 40 nieces and nephews who are all married, so the first 100 people at all of our family weddings are … well, family!!

me:  I love finding out interesting info about my favorite authors -- thanks for sharing!

me:   Where can everyone find you online?

Through my Web site at www.julielessman.com, either by sending an e-mail via my site or by signing up for my newsletter at http://www.julielessman.com/sign-up-for-newsletter/. My newsletter is chock-full of fun info on my books and there’s always a contest featuring signed book giveaways and currently, a contest to have a character named after you in my next book! Also, I have a cool feature on my website called “Journal Jots” (http://www.julielessman.com/journal-jots/), which is a very laid-back ongoing journal to my reader friends that would give your readers an idea as to my relaxed style of writing. Finally, I can be found daily at The Seekers blog (http://seekerville.blogspot.com/), a group blog devoted to encouraging and helping aspiring writers on the road to publication.

Thanks, Lori, for allowing me to connect with your readers and God bless!



Thank you, again, Julie for stopping by for an interview -- it's been great having you here.  Until next time!  *HUGS*


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Project Journal said...

Hey Lori!!! *waving crazily*
Girl, thanks so much for hosting Julie. Isn't she a terrific guest? *wink* Oh, I emailed you one day last week, did you get it? I know you're SUPER busy, but I just wanted to check and see if you got it....

Hey Julie!!! *trips over a chair becuase jumping up and down so ecstaticly* LOL! Clumsy me! *wink*

Sooooo good to see/talk to you again : ) I actually learned more about you again, Julie! I wouldn't think that it was possible, but uhhhh...apparently it is!

That is SO cool that you got to dress up at the theater!! That would be a cool job...they don't have many jobs that are "fun" like that anymore, eh?

Duck tape, eh? Well...there was a boy in my class through high school that made a duct tape jacket!! Yes, a jacket, it had pockets on the inside and lasted him years. Then he made pants too! Yes, I'm serious! He used to bike to school in them *wink*

: P

Man, I miss that kid, lol!

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now! Of course I would LOVE to be included in the giveaway : )
Thanks for the chance, ladies!

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

How fun Lori! I loved your questions especially the foods that you hate! I agree Liver is NASTY!

I'm not much of a girly girl either Julie. I don't wear a lot of jewelry and the only shopping I love to do is shopping for book! :-)

Please don't enter me I already have Julie's books!

XOXO~ Renee

Madeline said...

These books are my favorite!!! love that you love duck tape :)

MaidenOfEmmanuel said...

Write me in the A Hope Undaunted Giveaway entry! This interview of Juie Lessman was very cool.


maidenofemmanuel at aim dot com

Thou Art Jules said...

Love the random facts! I'm not a duct tape queen but I can HOT GLUE anything! My husband and children laugh at me because everything that breaks can be hot glued :-)

I'd love to have the chance to win!

dixon (dot) julia (at) yahoo (dot) com

diana said...

Tried to leave a comment twice and it erased so I will simply say I loved the interview and would love to win!

Gabriella said...

aw i really enjoyed this interview! i loved the random things about julie!! and oh yes duct tape fixes everything!

Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...

No liver for me, either, but I love me some chicken and dumplings...yummmm!!! Good ol' Southern food! :o)

Don't sign me up for the giveaway...just wanted to come over to share some comment love. :o)

Elizabeth@In Pursuit of His Excellence said...

Cool interview, Lori! Thanks for asking all those great questions! Great to learn more about you Julie! :) Loved finding out some of the back story about the original names of the books etc! :)

Danyel said...

How lucky are you to interview Julie! I love her books.

Molly said...

Hi, again Julie and hi to Lori!! I am a follower of this blog and had to stop by here and keep up the faithfulness! =) I find it funny that you are a duck tape queen....so am I =D...gotta LOVE that duck tape! (It works best for quieting down an 8yr old and a 6yr old...hehehehe...j/k!)

hugs to you sweet friend!
Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com

Renee said...

I'm glad I found your site, and I'd love to be included in the giveaway. reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Michelle said...

Hi Lori and Julie! Loved the interview! :D

Thanks for the opportunity to win one of Julie's FABULOUS books!

Hugs & Smiles,
scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net

Joetta said...

loved the fun facts we didn't know about you! I'm right there with you on the liver..Yuck! brings back childhood memories of butchering our own beef - eating cow brains... what were we thinking? I don't remember being forced to eat liver - but, just the sight of it makes me gag!
Your anniversary dinner sounded so much yummier!
love, love, love your books - next time I have a free minute, I'm going to re-read them all!!

LuLu said...

...Another great interview, Julie could put together all of her interviews and have a great book!

Thanks for the chance to win, I'm your newest follower!

~Lauri (lulu)

Gayle Pollock said...

Hi, Julie. This giveaway and Facebook communication is a great idea! My daughter hooked me on your books when she was home last summer. She is a true romantic and an avid reader. Her enthusiasm about your books made me take the time to sit down and read; something I rarely have the time for. And now, I visit your website frequently to see when your next book is coming out. I'm so excited about this new series! Please include me in your contest. Thanks! Gayle Pollock

cynthia said...

What a fun interview. Loved the interesting facts that we don't know about you yet. I also loved the part about how you came to know God. Isn't it always like that? We're always looking for something that God can only fill. Thanks for the great interview.
cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

Julie Lessman said...

LORI!!! PLEASE forgive me for showing up so late -- it's been a CRAZEEEE day, to say the least. But thank you for hosting me on your blog today -- it's very peaceful here with the pretty, yellow flowers -- the perfect respite for me after a busy day.

HANNAH!!! Grin ... "trips over chair"??? You're as funny as Ashley who always slaps herself upside the head. :) And I've done so many interviews, that I'm surprised you guys aren't sick of me, but maybe that's because I do try to "reveal" new things in each one ... some of which even my hubby doesn't know. :)

OMIGOSH!!! A "duck tape jacket"??? And pants too??? Okay, I'm sorry, but that really impresses the socks off of me, honestly. What a guy!! No wonder you miss him ... Hannah, you are SUCH a hoot, girl. If I ever have a pajama party, you're on the list, kiddo!! :)

RENEE ... you're not a "girly girl" either??? Good for you -- I knew I liked you, sweetie. And you're a pretty casual girl, judging from your Steeler jersey in your picture, which I like too. Thanks for coming by, my friend.


Julie Lessman said...

MADELINE ... thank you SO much, sweetie, for making my books a "favorite" of yours -- MUCH appreciated! And I think duck tape is one of God's greatest inventions, don't you?? :)

MAIDENOFEMMANUEAL ... absolutely LOVE that name, girl, as I think I've mentioned before. Thanks for dropping by to enter the contest -- good luck!!

THOU ART JULES ... I swear you enter these contests to taunt me with that cool name!! :) And, yeah, hot glue is pretty fun too, although I have a tendency to glue my fingers to whatever I'm working on ... :) Good luck, sweetie.

DIANA ... don't you just HATE that??? You go to all the trouble of typing something out and then, POOF ... it's gone. WHICH is why I ALWAYS copy every comment I ever write IMMEDIATELY because I've been burned too many times. Here's to a win, Diana.


Julie Lessman said...

GABE!!! Hey, girl, SOOO good to see you here, and that's a new pic, isn't it?? LOVE it!! And I'm glad you like duck tape too ...just another one of the many things we have in common, sweetie. :)

Aw, CHRISTY ... "comment love"?? I LOVE that, girl -- thank you!! And I'm looking forward to visiting your blog for my interview in the weeks ahead.

ELIZABETH!!! Fun to see you here, my friend, and here's to a win in this contest for my good bud "down under." :)

DANYEL ... now, that is really a sweet thing to say -- thank you!! I don't know how "lucky" Lori is since I came late to the party, but I'm lucky she's hosting me on her blog! Good luck in the contest, Danyel.


Martha Lawson said...

Well, you named 3 of my favorite foods! Yes, I actually like liver (it's not a favorite, tho). Dumplings and Heath bars, oh yeah. Loved that interview expecially the duct tape parts..Enter me please, the book looks great.

I follow on gfc (old)

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Julie Lessman said...

Hey, MOLLY!! And, girl, if there is one thing you are, it's "faithful"!! And you're a "duck tape queen" too??? Well, I bow to you, your highness, because I never thought of using it on the kids ... pretty smart!! ;)

RENEE ... I'm glad you found Lori's site, too, girl, because I'd love to include you in the giveaway. Good luck!

MICHELLE!!! How was your weekend ... or are you still there?? I was praying for you. Hope it went well.

JOETTA -- cow brains???? Cold chills!!! And come on, girlfriend -- you don't have more extra time than I do, so how are you going to reread my books??? :) I don't know about you, but my TBR list is as tall as my house -- NO JOKE!! And, yes, the anniversary was truly "yummy," my friend. :)


Julie Lessman said...

LAURI ... a "book" of interviews??? Gosh, I think even I would fall asleep on that one, sweetie. :) Thanks for your diligence in visiting my giveaways, and here's to a win!!

Gosh, GAYLE, that blesses the socks off of me to hear that, my friend -- thank you!! It's one thing to win the heart of the daughter, but when the mother likes my books too, that is THE BEST!! Now ... if you can just turn your mom or aunts on to them too, we'll have a generational thing going here ... :) Thanks for coming by, and good luck in the contest, Gayle!

CYNTHIA!!! Yeah, I love how I came to know God too, because with that much garbage in my past, it makes the present ALL the sweeter!! Good luck in the contest, my friend.


diana said...

Hey,Julie. I left a comment earlier,but wanted to address the food issue. I totally agree with you about the liver. When I became anemic,dr told me liver was a must,and I told my husband I couldn't cook it AND eat it after(gross). Every Tues at Lizard's Thicket was liver aand onions night,so I told my hubby we had a liver date every Tues. Really romantic! Thought I would mix it in with mashed potatoes and gravy and it wouldn't be too bad. Needless to say,that lasted about 2weeks! haha I was a dumplings disliker also,until I ate my sis in law's. Lots of tender chicken and tender thick noodles...yum. I know you would like hers,Julie. Blessings!!

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

WOW -- you have LOTS of faithful readers/followers, Julie! That doesn't surprise me in the least -- as I myself am one! ;)

Good luck to everyone who is entering the giveaway! One thing though, BE SURE to leave an email address so I can contact you if you're the winner. If there is no address, then another winner will have to be chosen.

Thanks bunches!


Project Journal said...

Lori, this is Julie Lessman, OF COURSE she has lots of fans!!!!!!


OH, OH, OH Julie have a pajama party! That would be awesome, seriously fun, girl : D Hmmmmm I wonder who else would be there???

Do you know I really did trip over a chair this morning? And thought of you *wink*

Yeah, isn't that impressive? He even made pockets on the inside for his calculator (doesn't this just give you a picture of what he must be like?!). ALso it actually closes! I think it velcros shut. Yep, pretty impressive...

See, I'm learning things about you, well you're still learning things about me too! LOL!

"Things my husband doesn't even know" What??!! That sounds a little scary....

: )

Julie, I'm getting super excited for this little shindig on Thursday!!!! The week won't go fast enough, ugh!
Talk to you soon,

Sara said...

What a great interview, Lori! Excellent questions too. I loved hearing Julie's testimony...but she doesn't like Heath Bar?!? Why not?! They are fantastic. :) Can't wait to read A Hope Undaunted!


diana said...

Diana:I'm sorry-always forget to leave an email address. Its dianalflowers@aol.com

Julie Lessman said...

WHEW!!! Busy day at Seekerville today, so forgive me for showing up so late here!

DIANA ... GREAT liver story, my friend, and I can't believe you lasted TWO WEEKS!!! YOWZA ... I wouldn't have lasted a day! And, uh, I'll take your word about your SIL's dumplings ... :)

LORI ... you know what?? I really DO have a lot of really cool and faithful reader friends that I absolutely LOVE!! Each one is so special to me in their own unique way, truly.

And speaking of "unique and special" -- HANNAH!!!! You would definitely be a must at a PJ party for sure, sweetie, 'cause you just have to be one of the liveliest little things I've seen. And you actually DID trip over a chair this morning??? It's probably because you were moving too fast, kiddo. Get some rest and see you tomorrow!!

Oh-oh, SARA ... will you still read AHU if I don' like Heath Bars??? Does it help that they are my hubby's favorite??? Let me know what you think of AHU when you are done, okay? If you like it, that is. If not, like I always say ... uh, never mind! :)


Ashley (Ibreath2read) said...

LORI and JULIE! What a great duo you two make! LOVED, LOVED, LOOOOVED the interview. But, of course I didn't expect anything less. ;)

I never get tired of reading all that God has done in your life, Julie!
Del and Bart? Really? Now, I won't be able to read any of your books now, Julie, without trying to put those names on charity and Collin. Just won't be able too.;)
IT certainly does not surprise me that you dressed up like a southern belle for the job. But, you forgot the grits (which I'm sure you would detest) and few, well practiced, "Hey Y'all's" and "Honey Child's" to complete the southern ensemble.*wink* I'm still trying to get the Y'all down, but I got this need to say "Yous guys" something fierce. Anyways, love that you have 40 nieces and nephews! That really awesome, cause I know how much of a blessing they can be ("can" being the key word. Being as my nieces and nephews -though I love them dearly- tend to get into trouble and risk their lives by swallowing small plastic animals, more than be a blessing) ;~)

Thank you so much Lori and Julie, for a great interview!

Love Y'all *wink*,

Ashley (Ibreath2read) said...

Oh. I almost forgot, please don't enter me in the giveaway. I have already been blessed to receive a copy already.
Love Ya,

Julie and Hannah~ Did you ever hear about those two teenager that made their prom outfits completely out of Duct-tape and won some awesome scholarship from the company? I'm not sure where I saw it, but Google it cause you just got to see them. :)

diana said...

Was just rereading part of interview with Lily and I had to comment about your age! I couldn't believe it when you said you were hitting ** (will leave that part blank in case you don't want it repeated...lol)! I thought you were in your late 40s...I'm serious! You look fantastic! dianalflowers@aol.com

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Please forgive me for not posting this on my blog last week was really hectic for me but I did tweet it so hopefully you get some visitors! :-)

XOXO~ Renee

p.s. Hahaha yes Julie I'm definitely NOT a girly girl! Give me a football game or a car show over a day at the mall any day!

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

No worries, Julie! We all understand you're overwhelmed right now. Whenever you can stop by is fine with us! :)

LOL @ Ashley! You're too funny!

DIANA - thanks so much for coming back to leave your email addy. :)

GOOD LUCK everyone!

Carole said...

YES to all the questions in the first paragraph!!

I've read lots of Julie's interviews over the last couple of years, but always seem to learn something new from each one. I have never watched JAG, and am now tempted to try it. I'm also big on candles, and always have a Yankee Candle burning when I'm home. The fall scents are wonderful!!

I'm a follower and would love to win Julie's book.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

diana said...

I read alot of Christian fiction and have read all of yours,Julie. I buy them and pass them on to friends and family to enjoy as well...so I wouldn't mind a freebie myself now and then. haha Would love to win!

diana said...

Forgot to leave email for above comment. Don't want to be excluded because of that...it's dianalflowers@aol.com

Julie Lessman said...


MARTHA SAID: "Yes, I actually like liver (it's not a favorite, tho). Dumplings and Heath bars, oh yeah."

ASHLEY ... Yes, "Del" and "Bart," really. Pretty pathetic, eh? What do you expect from a 12-year-old??? And the only problem with having 40 nieces and nephews is you never really get to know them all very well, but I do have my favorites ... :) And, no, never heard about the duct-tape prom outfits ... that I'd like to see! :)

DIANA!!! You, girl, are my new best friend!! It's amazing what PhotoShop can do, isn't it??? :)

Aw, CAROLE, you are TOO sweet, girl!! And we sound like we have a lot in common, so if you add JAG to the mix, we could be sisters!! :)

DIANA ... Pass those books around all you want, sweetie, because that's what it's all about -- getting them into people's hands, so THANK YOU!!