My Review: Morning for Dove (Winds Across the Prairie, Bk 2) by Martha Rogers

(Winds Across the Prairie, Bk 2)
by Martha Rogers

Christian Fiction / Historical / Romance

Realms Publishing
Copyright 2010
Pages:  297
ISBN:  9781599799841

(from back cover):

When Luke Anderson falls in love with Dove Morris, he is aware of her Native American heritage.  What he is not prepared for is the prejudice suddenly exhibited by his mother against Dove.  Torn between the people he loves most in the world, Luke struggles with his feelings until a wildfire on the prairie threatens Morris Ranch.

As Luke joins the battle to stave off the fire as it approaches, he must risk his life to save Dove.  Will his parents see that love knows no boundaries of race or culture when it is rooted in God's love for His people?

Book two in the Winds Across the Prairie series brings you back to the town of Barton Creek in Oklahoma Territory, providing a glimpse into everyday life at a time when Oklahoma was drawing homesteaders to its territory before the days of statehood.

What I thought:

The first thing I noticed about this book is that it moves along a little quicker than the first book, Becoming Lucy.  Though there were some slow parts, overall, it was a pretty good story.  Don't let the synopsis from the back cover fool you -- most of this excitement happens during the last few chapters of the book.  

The rest of the time, you're watching Luke and Dove try their best to figure out a way to pursue their newfound feelings for one another, without his very prejudice mother finding out.  She is dead-set against them having any kind of contact, much less a serious relationship.

Dove's parents think Luke would be a wonderful match for her, but aren't too sure about her spending too much time with him, as they're sure her heart is going to be broken if Mrs. Anderson doesn't have a complete change of heart.

I enjoyed getting to know Martin and Sarah a little better, as well as, being able to catch up with Jake and Lucy.  There are some townspeople I would have preferred not seeing again, or even meeting to begin with, but they did add extra 'spice' to the story.

If you're interested it reading this series, I highly recommend that you read them in order.  Morning for Dove pretty much picks up where Becoming Lucy left off.  To find out more about Martha Rogers, be sure to visit her website.

 *** Thank you to LeAnn Hamby @ Strang Book Group for providing me with my copy to review. ***


Book 1 in the Winds Across the Prairie series


Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...

I'm a little nervous about trying out this series because book 1 did not get a lot of great reviews. This one seems to be a lot better, so maybe I'll get around to it eventually... :o)

Angie said...

Sounds interesting..love the covers for both books..very pretty. :)

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

@ Christy ~ I had a hard time finishing Becoming Lucy. This one was a little better. You may love them both -- remember how different we felt about Paper Roses. :)

@ Angie ~ the covers really are pretty -- the 3rd one is, too.


CeeCee said...

Gosh, reviews do matter. I, too, am a little hesitant to try this series because of the lack luster reviews of the first book. Maybe trying to read this book first will help.

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Hey CeeCee! *waving*

I try to be honest in my reviews, but always worry that I'll turn someone away from a book they might enjoy lots more than I did.

That's why I love reading different reviews for the same book -- it always amazes me how differently everyone views it. :)

Thanks for dropping by!


alexandra george said...

thanks for the review, the books sounds interesting, although it makes me afraid of this disapproving mother...