My Review: Swinging on a Star (Weddings by Bella, #2) by Janice Thompson

(Weddings by Bella, #2)
by Janice Thompson

Christian Fiction / Contemporary / Romance

Publisher:  Revell
Copyright 2010
Pages:  328
ISBN:  9780800733438

Bella Rossi's life is nearing perfection. She's got the perfect guy, she's running a successful business, and she's about to plan her most ambitious wedding yet, a Renaissance-themed fairy tale come true, complete with period costumes and foods, horse-drawn carriages, and even a castle. There's just one hitch. The best man just happens to be Brock Benson, Hollywood's hottest and most eligible bachelor. Oh, and did we mention he's staying at the Rossi house to avoid the paparazzi?

My thoughts:

I fell in love with the Rossi clan back in book one, Fools Rush In (my review), so I couldn't wait to get my hands on Swinging on a Star.  I was very excited to find out what everyone's been up to.  Well, as I discovered, total chaos has broken out at the Rossi home.  Whew-weeee!  There is so much going on, that I had to stay on my toes just to keep up!

Bella is in the midst of planning her second "themed" wedding, medieval this time, while Aunt Rosa is getting ready to be featured on Italian Chefs from Coast to Coast, hosted by her favorite cooking channel, the Food Network.  Bella's worried that TV cameras are gonna be all over the place during the wedding rehearsal, and she doesn't want her bride to be even more stressed out right before her big day.  She's trying her best to coordinate everything perfectly, in order to avoid another disastrous wedding mishap.  Marian, the bride-to-be, doesn't help matters any when she calls to let Bella in on a secret concerning Rob's best man.  This is where Janice's trademark hilarity comes into play!  I was laughing out loud at everything the Rossi's have to go through in order to help Bella keep this BIG secret from the rest of the neighborhood.

We also find out what DJ's family, the Neely's, have been up to; especially his brother, Bubba, with his excellent singing abilities.  Bubba's relationship with Bella's best friend, Jenna, is still going strong.  Uncle Laz and Aunt Rosa are still fighting with each other, although the other family members are starting to realize that there's more to it than just fighting, per say.  Bella's sister, Sophia, has another love-interest, even though Tony is still hanging around trying to catch her attention.  As you'll find out, there's never a dull moment when the Rossi's are around!

As I said in the beginning, there is quite a bit going on with the Rossi family.  At times, it was a little hard for me to keep up with what everyone was doing, but it was a lot of fun.  In order to not give anything away, let me just say that you're in for lots of exciting twists, such as, a couple of characters have to spend the night locked up; there are a couple of wedding proposals; Guido may be heading home soon; and of course, those crazy ladies Twila, Jolene, and Bobbie Sue are back again!  Believe me, you don't want to miss out on the fun in this one!  :)

If you haven't had a chance to read Fools Rush In, don't let that stop you from grabbing a copy of Swinging on a Star.  It can actually be read as a stand-alone, in my opinion, and those of you who know me well, know that I very rarely recommend reading series books out of order!

To find out more about Janice Thompson, and/or her books, please visit:
Her website:  Janice Hanna Thompson
Her blog:  Weddings by Bella

“Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

**Thank you so much to Donna @ Revell (Bakers Publishing Group) for providing me with a review copy.**


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I LOVED this one! I'm "starstruck" LOL with a crush on Brock!!! :-P

Keep the great reviews coming Lori!

XOXO~ Renee

Trinity Rose said...

Wonderful review. I really like your blog it is so refreshing and friendly.
Many blessings to you,
Trinity Rose aka Wanda

Would love for you to be one of my followers. I'm very new at this. Will start reviewing books in a week. Thanks,

Janice Thompson said...

I'm so glad you loved the book. Book three is coming soon (in May, I think). Sal is coming to fetch Guido. Will the ornery little parrot actually leave the island? Hmm. We'll see! Laz and Rosa are having a 40s themed wedding. And Bella. . .well, she's SO busy planning everyone else's wedding that she barely has time to focus on her own!

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

LOL, Renee! We gotta find you a man! {{hugs}} You're so sweet.

Welcome, Wanda! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I'm glad you like my blog. Come back anytime. I'll drop by your blog as well. :)

JANICE! Hi there! It's great to hear from you. :D Thanks so much for commenting on some of the things I wanted to mention, but wasn't sure if I should. *wink* I would hate to ruin any surprises!


Ruth said...

Glad you enjoyed this book too. I love DJ. :)

inthehammockblog said...

Great review!! I really want to read this series!!

Lee Smith said...

What an awesome review! Great job! It is so hard with this book not to talk about things, isn't it? :o)

Anonymous said...

@Lori~Fabulous review Lori!I feel like I'm missing out on a great book:~( So, I think I'm going to go to Wal-Mart right now and buy Fools Rush In and Swinging on a Star (no matter how much it's gonna kill me;~)LOL

@Renee~ What?!?! *gasps at Lori's comment* I could have sworn, you had a mob of dashingly, handsome men lining up for you! I mean, your a girl, who's pretty, loves football, Mustangs, and is a bookaholic, what guy wouldn't fall head over heels for you, Renee? And if their not, they will be soon. I just know it:~D LOL

Have a GREAT week Y'all,
Love Ya,

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

@ Ruth ~ Yes! DJ is such a sweetheart! *sigh*

@ inthehammockblog ~ Thank you! I hope you're able to read these soon...you will enjoy them. :)

@ Lee ~ Thanks. Yes! I always have to write and re-write my reviews because I'm afraid of giving away a "surprise" element. LOL

@ Ashley ~ Hey girl! You really do need to head on over to Wal-Mart and buy them...you won't be sorry! ;) I keep telling Renee that she just needs to come visit me, and I'll help her find a man. Then maybe I can talk her into moving here, too! :p


Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...

Hahahaha!!!! This sounds great! :o) For some reason, it reminds me of that movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with trying to keep up with everyone in the family and their children. I can't wait to get my hands on some of both of these books! :o)

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

@ Christy ~ These books are wonderful! I can't wait to see what you think about them. I haven't seen that movie, but the title fits the Rossi family perfectly (just replace Greek with Italian!). :D