My Review: Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella, Bk 1) by Janice Thompson

Fools Rush In
(Weddings by Bella, Bk 1)
by Janice Thompson

Christian Fiction/Contemporary Romance

Copyright 2009
Revell Publishing
Pages: 330
ISBN: 9780800733421

This is not going to be my normal "serious" review
(it's also quite a bit longer than usual!).
There is no way I can review this book without just
letting my own "country" self show through!! This is going to
be a FUN review...at least I hope you think so! :o)

From the back cover:


Bella Rossi's life is just starting to get interesting. When her Italian-turned Texan parents hand over the family wedding planning business. Bella quickly books a Boot-Scootin' wedding that would make any Texan proud. There's only one catch ~ she doesn't know a thing about country music. Where will she find a deejay on such short notice who knows his Alan Jackson from his George Strait? And will Bella ever get to plan her own wedding?

Fun, fresh, and full of surprised, this flavorful combination of Italian and Tex-Mex highlights the hilarity that ensues when cultures clash.

My thoughts:

This was my very first glimpse of Janice Thompson's work as a writer, but it will definitely not be my last! I absolutely adored Fools Rush In!! It is my new favorite Christian Fiction Contemporary Romance for 2009. If you haven't given Janice's books a try...please grab your own copy of Fools Rush In...that's right, I'll be putting MY copy on my Keeper Shelf, to read again and again! :o)

Get ready for some side-splitting fun when you meet the Rossi's and the Neeley's!!! They are a GREAT bunch of people! I'm having a hard time deciding who is my favorite...I don't think I can have just one. I'll be doing this review a little differently ~ instead of just highlighting the main characters ~ I'm going to tell you a little bit about some of the quirky folks in this book, so hang on to your seat, it's gonna be loads of fun!

The story is mainly about Bella Rossi and Duh-wayne Neeley (you will get this when you read the book!!), but I can't tell you much about the Neeley's without giving away some key parts of the story, so I'll tell you a little about the Rossi's.

Bella has recently taken over the family wedding-planning business from her parents, and is in the process of planning her very first wedding, on her own. She lives at home with her parents (Cosmo and Imelda), her younger siblings: Joey and Sophia, her Uncle Lazarro (Laz), and her Aunt Rosa. Needless to say, there is always something happening in the Rossi household! Bella has two older brothers: Nick, who is married to Marcella, they have 2 sons, Deany-boy and Frankie; and Armando, who lives at home, "when he isn't in love."

Now a little about some of the family members...and a few friends... Uncle Laz...hmmm...where to start??? Okay, he is the owner/manager of Parma John's; he is a HUGE Dean Martin fan...he only plays Dean Martin music in his restaurant; he even names the daily specials after Dean Martin song titles! He and Aunt Rosa have a long-standing argument over who is the better singer, Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, but they also fight about who is the better cook...which makes for some really funny events throughout the story! Oh, I've got to mention that Uncle Laz was once "affiliated" with the mob, which is how he ends up "baby-sitting" Guido...and more hilarity ensues! :o)

Aunt Rosa is Imelda's older sister. She is the designated cook at the Rossi home. She loves playing Frank Sinatra songs while she's in the kitchen, cooking or cleaning. She has a very short Italian temper, and tries her best the keep the family straight. She is always muttering Italian sayings under her breath...which Bella translates for those of us who can't speak Italian. LOL She had me laughing so hard at times, I couldn't read for the tears in my eyes!

Sophia is mostly responsible for watching after Deany-boy and Frankie during their summer vacation, but they quickly drive her insane with their annoying antics. She has to think fast to stay ahead of them. She's also having boyfriend issues, such as, will she ever find a "real" boyfriend? Sophia has a major crush on someone, but is sure he doesn't return her feelings.

Jenna works at Parma John's and is Bella's very best friend in the world. She is famous for spouting off the daily specials, with her Texas-twang. She's practically engaged to her long-time boyfriend, David. There's also Patti-Lou...she's the best florist in town and one of Bella's friends. They both seem destined to end up single, since there are no men in their lives at the moment. There are so many other quirky people who contribute to making this story a huge success, but I'm not going to be able to tell you about them all without going on and on for another couple of hours! You're just going to have to get your own copy of Fools Rush In and meet all these crazy folks for yourself! :o)

If you'd like a chance to see this book from a different perspective, please visit my friend, Rae!!

To find out more about Janice Thompson and/or her books, please visit her at:
Website: www.janiceathompson.com

I hope you've enjoyed reading my review of Fools Rush In as much as I've enjoyed writing it! I'm so looking forward to reading all of your reviews, once you've had a chance to read this book for yourself!

Be sure to add it to your Christmas Wish List, since Christmas
is right around the corner. *wink*

** I won my autographed copy of Fools Rush In
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Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Ahhhhh I can't wait to read this! I loved your review! I can't wait to "meet" these characters as I'm sure I know some real life people just like them! Thank your for sharing your thoughts Lori!!!

xoxo~ Renee

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

LOL! You're so gonna love this book! Your review is one of the ones I'm looking forward to reading! *grin*

I'm glad you enjoyed my review...thank you. :o)

~ Lori

Janice Thompson said...

You are a doll for posting such a sweet review. Thank you. . .again and again!

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Hey Janice! *waving*

You are AWESOME for writing such an excellent book! I'm "im"patiently waiting for January to get here so I can read Swinging on a Star, and catch up with the Rossi's and Neeley's! LOL

I appreciate you coming by...thanks! :)

Praying Mom said...

I loved this book. It was also my first Janice book... check out my review at

Giveaways going on now and more to come!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Ahh, similar wavelengths. http://cherryblossommj.blogspot.com/2009/11/review-fools-rush-in.html

G.R.I.T.S. said...

Wasn't it the best?!!?! I can't wait to read the next one in the series...and i can't wait to write a review...It has become one of my favorites as well...but I just borrowed it :( Now i'll have to go out and buy it!!! (Or maybe a christmas wish? lol)

Great Review!!!!

Angie said...

Great review...so great in fact that it is now on my wish list. :D

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Hey MJ, Rae & Angie!

I'm so glad y'all came by, and that you enjoyed my review!

I can't wait 'til I can read all of your reviews...I just read MJ's...and I agree 100%. LOL

Cym Lowell said...

Loved, loved, loved your review. Thanks for "entertaining" us with the characters.

Happy Thanksgiving-