Kreativ Blogger Award!!

I just received this Blog Award from
Ashley @ After All...Tomorrow is another day
Thank you so much!!
Isn't it beautiful?? I love it!

Okay...this is what I'm supposed to do:
~ List 7 of My Favorite Things
~ Send this award on to 7 other bloggers

So, here goes...

7 of My Favorite Things:

1. Spending time with my hubby, Deezel (puppy), and my family
2. Books, books, and more books!
3. Blogging with my online friends {{hugs}}
4. Playing game swaps on PBS (PaperBackSwap)
6. Cute, Funky Purses
7. Flips Flops and Boots

Since I just passed another award along a few minutes ago,
I'm going to cheat and pass this one along to any/all of
my Followers who may/may not already have this award.
Y'all are the best!!! Congrats to you!!! :)


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I love all these things too...except for the hubby (since I don't have one...yet) and shopping! Congrats on the award!!!

Hugs back at ya!

xoxo~ Renee

Project Journal said...

I agree Renee about the hubby thing! Lol : D

Lori! Does this mean ME too? How generous : ) Are there more awards going around these days or is it just me? I know I don't have many, but a lot of the blogs I follow have been giving out awards I feel like! Anyway....thanks, if you don't mind me accepting this award also. I don't have this one yet and it is really beautiful!! Although, I don't know that it necessarily applies to my blog at all.... : /

Talk to you later!!
Oh by the way, I finished Little Face last night (FINALLY!!)! I almost put it down because(between my schedule and more importantly the musical) I had only read 100-150 pages and was just annoyed with it. But I decided I'd try it more this week and finished it in 3 days! Lol...it was pretty good. I feel like the end was a little disappointing. You learn A LOT of info right at the end and then it's a cheesy, trying to be sentimental, ending. Oh well, it was pretty good.

Sorry this was SO long!!