My Review (and Giveaway): The Bridegrooms by Allison Pittman

by Allison Pittman

Christian Fiction / Historical / Romance

Waterbrook Multnomah
Copyright 2010
Pages:  335
ISBN:  9781601421371

From the Publisher:

It Only Takes an Instant for Love to Strike

 Tragedy hits the Allenhouse family on a hot summer night in Ohio when a mother of four vanished. Eight-year-old Vada virtually grew up overnight and raised her three younger sisters while her father lost himself in his medical practice in the basement of their home.

Now, Vada is a grown woman, still making her home with her father and sisters. Her days are spent serving as an errand girl for Cleveland’s fledgling amateur orchestra; her evenings with Garrison Walker, her devoted, if passionless, beau.

Dizzying change occurs the day the Brooklyn Bridegrooms come to town to play the Cleveland Spiders and a line drive wallops the head of a spectator. The fan is whisked to the Allenhouse parlor, and questions swirl about the anonymous, unconscious man.

Suddenly, the subdued house is filled with visitors, from a flirtatious, would-be sports writer to the Bridegrooms’ handsome star hitter to the guilt-ridden ballplayer who should have caught the stray shot. The medical case brings Dr. Allenhouse a frustration and helplessness he hasn’t felt since his wife’s disappearance. Vada’s sisters are giddy at the bevy of possible suitors. And Vada’s life is awakened amid the super-charged atmosphere of romantic opportunity.

My thoughts:

This is my first time reading anything by Allison Pittman, though I have her other books on my bookshelf, just waiting to be read.  I must say that I have very mixed emotions about The Bridegrooms, and the baseball aspect did nothing to help that--it seemed a little random to me.  The first half or so was really hard for me to get thru, but the second half moved a little quicker.  It has the potential to be a great story, but I'm thinking it would have been a lot better had it been a series, or even an anthology.  

Each of the Allenhouse daughters deserve their very own story, with plenty of time to flesh out their foray into falling in love.  Each story would have been completely different, just as each daughter is different.  Let me try to explain...

Vada Allenhouse is the oldest daughter, and has pretty much been a mother to her three youngest sisters since the disappearance of their own mother when Vada was only eight.  She has been in love with Garrison Walker for over three years, but he doesn't seem to be in any hurry to ask for her hand in marriage.  Vada is starting to feel as though he doesn't love her, and she herself is beginning to doubt if she really loves him.  Her and Garrison's story is the most prominent in this book, so their story could have been the start of a series.  Perhaps it is, and we were only given glimpses of the other three sister's love interests in preparation for the rest of the series.

Hazel Allenhouse is the next daughter, and she despairs that she will never marry because she doesn't feel as pretty as her other sisters.  She thinks that she is 'fat' and no man will ever find her attractive, so she has decided to take matters into her own hands, so to speak.  She wants to move to Wyoming, where she will have the ability to vote (she is a suffragette), and is in the process of looking for potential suitors via correspondence.  In my opinion, Hazel's "book" would have a "Mail-Order Bride" theme.

Althea Allenhouse is the silent sister.  She hasn't spoken a single word since being told that her mother had disappeared; she instead uses a notepad, suspended with string around her neck, to communicate anything that can't be said using either her facial expressions, or her hands.  She is completely innocent when it comes to love, but is very talented at penning amorous poetry.  Althea falls hard for a patient of her father's who is lingering at death's door.  I would classify her "book" as a heartwarming Historical Romance.  Althea is my favorite sister and I would love to read a more detailed version of her story.

The baby of the family is Lisette (Lissy) Allenhouse, and she is a true spoiled brat!  She made me want to paddle her behind, or just slap her, more than once.  I couldn't believe how rude, even heartless, she was at times toward her sisters.  At first, Lisette is completely surrounded by boys--falling all over themselves to get her attention.  The girl is only seventeen, but seems to think she deserves to be fawned over and even encourages it.  She finally has a change of heart towards one of the young men, quite quickly I might add, after treating him like the dirt under her dainty shoes.  I don't rightly know how I would classify her "book", but I don't see it as one I would bother reading.  I didn't like her at all.

Though God is mentioned quite frequently throughout the story, I didn't feel that the characters had a very close relationship with Him.  It seemed almost like He was added as an after-thought since this is a Christian Fiction romance.  I don't mean to sound harsh at all, I'm just trying to be honest with my review.  

If you enjoy Historical Romance, or baseball, perhaps this is just the book for you!  I was given the opportunity to give away a copy of this book, so here's your chance to read it and form your own opinion (see the rules below).

To find out more about Allison Pittman, or her other books, please visit her website.

 *** This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.  Thank you! ***


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Martha Lawson said...

I'd love to give this one a try. Please enter me for it..

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Ashley (Ibreath2read) said...

Very imformative review Lori! I love how much detail you put in it. Makes me not want to read it, but still...LOL

I loved Allison Pittman's Crossroads Of Grace series. That whole series is fantastic. So don't give up on Allison's books just yet. I really think you'll like them:)

Love Ya,

"Us" babies of the family aren't at all like Lissy,IMO. LOL haha:D

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

WOW, Martha, you're quick! :)

Hey Ashley *waving*

Thank you, sweetie--I try to be informative, not judgmental, but don't always feel as though that's how I come across.

I always give authors at least 2 chances, so I will still be reading the series you mentioned, and maybe Stealing Home as well, since I already have them. ;)

I don't think you could ever be like Lissy! Neither is my youngest sister, Lindsay. She is actually the quietest one in our family--probably the most bashful, too.


Good Luck to you both!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Great, honest review!! I like that there are a lot of characters but I see your point about them each needing their own story! I'd love to enter the contest, thanks!!

inthehammockblog (at) gmail (dot) com

apittman said...

Hi, Lori--

I don't always pop in on blog reviews, but I did want to say thanks for an honest review...I knew I was taking a chance with this book, because it is a break from what I usually write. But, since you mentioned you already have Stealing Home, I want to add in my 2 cents and recommend that you read it, because it is much more of a deep character study than is Bridegrooms. Whether or not you post about Stealing Home, I'd love to hear from you to know how the 2 books compare.

And, to whoever ends up winning, I'd love to know what you think!

Allison Pittman

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Thank you, Carrie. :) Good luck!

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

WOW! Hi April ~

Let me first say that I hope I haven't hurt your feelings in any way! I was really hesitant about posting a detailed review, but at the same time, I strive to post honest reviews. :)

One important thing I try to remember is, just because a particular book didn't turn out the way I thought it would, doesn't mean that it won't be someone elses favorite book ever. I don't want to turn others away from reading the books I review, just share my thoughts about them.

I'm excited to read your other books! I have your Crossroads of Grace series, as well as, Stealing Home, sitting on my shelves just waiting to be read. As soon as I have a chance to read them, I will. Most likely I will be posting a review for them, too. ;)

Thank you so much for dropping by--I'm honored!


Katie G. said...

Hi! I heard about the giveaway through Carman. I would love the chance to win this book. Thanks so much!

~God Bless

Katie G.


Abi said...

I heard about your giveaway from Carman. I have read some of Puttman's other books. I'd love to win this book Thanks
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Julia said...

Heard about this from Carman and it sounds like an interesting read. I've seen some good reviews.


alexandra george said...

thanks so much for your honest review. it is really helpful. keep up the good work!
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Trinity Rose said...

Great review. Thanks for the giveaway. Would love to have this book.
Trinity Rose

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Barbara said...

I've been wanting to read this book. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.


Michelle said...

Thank you for entering me! I've read Ten Thousand Charms by Allison Pittman, and I really look forward to reading more of her books.

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Diane said...

thanks for the opportunity and honest review. :O)

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glenda09 said...

I would love to enter. Please enter me! I follow you GFC. Thanks!

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Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

I'm glad to see so many of y'all still interested in reading this one! I was so hoping my review wouldn't turn anyone away. :)

Good luck to you all, and thanks for dropping by for your chance to win!


Anonymous said...

a great review/posting...

thanks for the chance to read this wonderful book :)

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pixie13 said...

I'd love a chance to read this. Please count me in. Thanks!


Merry said...

I'd love to win The Bridegrooms, the sisters sound interesting and very different. Thanks for a chance!

Sylvia M. said...

This is a book I would like to read. I have read the first chapter online and I want to read more! The baseball players sound very interesting too. I don't think I've ever read a fiction book with this kind of theme before.


Angela said...

The book sounds funny! Please enter me in this contest. Thank you! Angela T


Judylynn said...

I'd love to win this book!


Amanda said...

I have her Crossroads of Grace series on my to read list, so I'd love to give this one a try. I love historical christian fiction!