My Review: Becoming Lucy (Winds Across the Prairie, Bk 1) by Martha Rogers

(Winds Across the Prairie, Bk 1)
by Martha Rogers

Realms (Strang Book Group)
Copyright 2010
Pages: 295
ISBN: 9781599799124

(from Christianbook.com):

After her parents' deaths, 17-year-old heiress Lucy Bishop takes refuge on her aunt and uncle's ranch in Barton Creek, Oklahoma. If it weren't for ranch hand Jake Starnes, the genteel young woman wouldn't survive the backbreaking work. But a dark secret torments him. Can Jake face his past before somebody claims Lucy's hand---or her life?

My Thoughts:

I had a hard time deciding what to say about this book. It was not at all what I expected, but it turned out to be okay. The story didn't flow smoothly, in my opinion, and I was easily distracted, but I was determined to finish it so I could give an honest review.

At the beginning of the story, we meet Lucinda Bishop, just as she's leaving her parents funeral. Next, we travel with her to the Oklahoma Territory, where she will be living with her Aunt Mellie and Uncle Ben, and their 2 children, Matt and Becky. Here we meet Jake Starnes, who works for her uncle, but has only been around for about six months. Right off the bat, there are sparks between Lucinda and Jake, though they've only known one another for a few days. But, since Jake is an unbeliever, Lucinda must bury her growing feelings of love towards him. From here on out, the story goes all over the place.

If you're not a fan of "preachy" romances, then you probably won't enjoy this book. A good portion of the story revolves around getting Jake to see that God loves him and will forgive him for his sins, no matter how big they are. While I completely agree, when I pick up a romance, that's what I'm looking forward to reading about. I felt that Becoming Lucy was seriously lacking in that aspect.

However, I did enjoy getting to know the many different characters, especially Dove Morris and her family. I can't imagine how hard it must be to grow up in a town where you are looked down upon by many of the townspeople. It would be devastating to have your friends be told by their parents that they're not allowed to associate themselves with you because of your heritage. It was nice to see Lucinda and her family stand up to the opposition and become close friends with the Morris family. Dove will have her own book, Morning for Dove, set to release in May 2010.

*Many thanks to Realms for providing me with this ARC copy to review, via FIRSTWildCard Tours.*


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I agree, this was marketed as historical romance but I think it should have been historical fiction. I was kinda bored with it too. I hope her next book is better!

xoxo~ Renee

Lee Smith said...

Thanks for the review. That is one book I can cross off my list.

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

You're right, Renee...it was more like Historical Fiction. The potential for a great romance story was there, but never came to life. So sad!

Lee, please don't let my review dissuade you from giving it a try...you may love it!